Friday, January 8, 2010

Movie review - Alvin And The Chipmunk 2

Sorrylah byklah review pasal movie plak lately nie kan... xperlah biar korang muak sket. So semalam sempat gak saya tgk movie nie after work.. nak cari masa skang susah sket.

So about this movie not so bad, lot of music mostly lagu Beyonce. Very entertaining movie. Klu you all ada kids, saya cadangkan pergilah tgk movie nie... confirm diorg akan menarik.. its fun movie ada gak part yang klakar gak..

Okay a little bit of the review, this movie is about Alvin and the gang are back in this hideously titled follow up to Alvin and the Chipmunks.

This time, Alvin, Theodore and Simon are facing a life away from their pal Dave after an accident at a concert lands him in hospital. Dave dispatches the helium voiced trio to live with his nephew Toby - and as an added bonus, Dave decides it's time for them to go to school.

As if the peer pressure of fitting in at an American high school wasn't bad enough, the Chipmunks face a new threat - a female equivalent trio, the Chipettes, who are being masterminded by former manager Ian Hawke who's determined to get back into the big time and rain on Alvin's parade.

So if you all want to know what its end , you have to watch this movie.. very entertaining movie.. and also there will be have the Cippettes... heee comel je tgk diorg nie...

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