Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Make money with Churp Churp

Have you heard about Churp Churp.. If you first time know or hear about it, you are same with me okay... Before this I never heard about Churp Churp.

Well if You all have the Twitter, I think you should sign in to ChurpChurp because it can make money too. Same as Nuffnang, ChurpChurp also can generate money online to the user.

So what are you waiting for...

What you need is an account of twitter. If you dont have. just sign in here at Twitter .So if you already have twitter acoount just sign in at ChurpChurp.

Some Churp Churp FAQs for you want to know:-

  1. How does ChurpChurp work?

    ChurpChurp is an advertising network for Twitter. Our advertisers will specify the tweet contents to be propagated, also referred to as a Churp, so when you sign up and allow us to post Churps among your tweets, you earn money!
  2. So, you’re paying me to Tweet for you?

    Essentially, yes. It’s that simple!
  3. What do I have to do?

    There are only 3 basic steps that you have to follow to start earning with ChurpChurp.
    • 1. Sign up with us.
    • 2. Approve access to Twitter.com so that we can post tweets to your account. Note that we do not store your Twitter.com password
    • 3. Choose your location and settings for the max ad ratio according to your preference.

So more info, just go to their website at Churpchurp

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ckucin said...

ala.. nuffnang aku pun selama ni baru 50sen jerk.. huhuhu..