Sunday, November 8, 2009

Howling At The New Moon

OMG.... still can't believe it.. New Moon is coming..

I still remember the first time I saw Robert Pattinson in Harry Potter - The Goblet Of Fire.... He always look charming and gorgeous. That's the day my heart melt when I saw him (so jiwang kay).

Then, I saw him again in The twilight saga movie... Twilight.. He catch my breath again.. I be howling at him on the Twilight more and more.. Me even watch the twilight movie over and over and never get enough of him in the movie..

Wish I can met him personally (oh no, saya kt malaysia lah)

Now, the new movie of Twilight Saga is coming in this month, the movie that I have wait almost a year the New Moon... the continuous story of the Twilight. And I get to see more Robert Pattinson more in this movie.. God, I love him (sorry en tunang)

I always wanted to watch the next sequel of Twilight... I even buy the complete set of Twilight Saga novel from Stephanie Meyer... because I can't wait enough to know what happen next...

Now , when I know the complete story of the Twilight Saga Novel.. I even can't wait to watch the four movie of Twilight Saga.. OMG... I going madness....

p/s - Hope i can a free ticket.... pleaseeeeeeeeeeeee.....

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